Anfabo pays great attention to each stage of its production as well as to the quality of its manufacturing cycle.
For this reason we have available a metrology lab with temperature control system equipped with advanced measuring and control instruments.

Qty. 1 MDM 4-axis CNC involute measurement machine
Qty. 1 Werth Easy-Scope coordinate measurement machine.
Qty. 2 Mitutoyo profile projectors.
Qty. 1 Bench-mounted measurement microscope.
Qty. 2 Mahr Electronic Roughness Meters
Qty. 2 Durometers.
Qty. 1 Test bench for screw/wheel spacing and report printing.
Qty. 1 Gear meter with report printing.
Qty. 2 Concentricity meter.
Qty. 2 Equipment for measuring radial error.

And also:
Various control instruments with data transmission, micrometers/digital/mechanical calipers, certified reference rings/plugs, bore meters, digital/analog comparators, steel/ceramic reference blocks, granite/cast iron reference surfaces, precision lenses, marking gauges and height meters, calipers and depth comparators, instruments for digital/analog measurements.