Gear cutting department

The core of our company is our gear cutting department where we manufacture any type of gear from 0.15 to 2.5 modules using metallic and synthetic materials in small and large volumes and featuring all the machining necessary:

  • Synchronized and in phase gear cutting even with different modules on the same part
  • special and grooved profiles
  • micro-gear cutting performed with knife gear cutting machines
  • worm screws up to 6 threads
  • toothed shafts for electric motors
  • toothed pulleys with any profile, even special ones.

Furthermore, Anfabo manufactures gears using the Skiving technique, particularly suitable for small modules where the grinding of the tooth becomes difficult if grinding wheels are used.
The sharpening of the cutters is carried out in-house with special machines.

Gleason P60, Affolter, Koepfer, Lambert, Mikron, Monnier-Zahner, Morat, Pfauter, Sykes